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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Cake | Healthy Ideas for Kids

All the flavor without all the calories, this Healthy Pumpkin Spice Cake is just what you need this season.  Get your forks ready! The pumpkin season is just beginning! So of course we had to bring you a healthy pumpkin cake recipe! If you and your kids are going to enjoy some pumpkin desserts, it ...

13 Unique Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

Do you know that food manufacturers and restaurant owners spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars studying flavors, colors, aroma, and presentation of the food so that you’ll eat more? When you’re craving something, the urge to eat just doesn’t come from your stomach or taste buds. A lot of it ...

Healthy Morning Glory Muffins | Healthy Ideas for Kids

Our healthy remake of these classic cafe Morning Glory Muffins is bursting with flavor! Not to mention 100% whole grains and a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. My family loves muffins… pretty much all muffins! So I’m always looking for something beyond the usual blueberry or bran. I was excited ...